People often take Web Hosting for granted. There is SO much behind the scenes happening to build, let alone maintain, the infrastructure that goes into most of the Internet’s web pages. That featured pic you see on this post is a real screenshot of most of the screens I had to use to make the site happen (thank GOD for my Seiki 4K UltraHD monitor) So today, I thought I’d give everyone a glimpse of how the new 2015 cp3o Website came into existence, from the ground-up.


Those that know me know that “infrastructure” is my favorite word. The new 2015 cp3o Website is hosted on one of my Virtualization servers (Qendra1) in Denver. Using my favorite Virtualization application, Oracle VirtualBox, I provisioned an instance (appropriately called, “Phoenix”):

  • Template: Linux / Fedora x64
  • RAM: 4 GBytes
  • HDD: 32 GBytes
  • One Bridged NIC

Because I wanted this server to run a recent PHP version, I chose the Fedora Server 21 distribution, which included PHP v5.4.6.  It will also run Apache v2.4.10 and MySQL v5.6.22 to round out the LAMP stack. WordPress and Revive AdServer will handle Content Management and Advertising Management, respectively.

I will be producing a suite of video tutorials soon to help any newbie Linux web administrators setup easy, highly secure, and stable LAMP infrastructure.

WordPress Twenty Fifteen

It seemed fitting for me to use an EXTREMELY simple, out-of-the-box WordPress theme for Considering I haven’t had a website IN YEARS, I just wanted something clean, responsive, and simple that would allow me to put total focus on content. My SEO/SEM (that’s Search Engine Optimization / Marketing, for the uninitiated) expertise tells me that 2015 will be the year where the context and semantics of content will be more critical than ever. I don’t need a ton of bells and whistles for this site – it will be, predominately, informative. I rarely have enough time as it is, so I purposely made my own site simple enough for me to post content in under 15 minutes, and also push out quickly to my Social Media Channels.

What’s to Come

The cp3o Website is designed with one word in mind: INFORM. I have been consulting on technology and media for over the last 22 years, and it’s time that I share my knowledge and experience with the masses. I am sure I will drum up new business as a result, but be fair-warned – my current clients like to keep me plenty busy. If there is a particular media, technology, or general business topic that you want me to weigh-in on, let me know (look for “CONNECT” on every page of the site).

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