I don’t know about you, but 2014 flew by way too quickly for me. Nevertheless, I cannot thank GOD enough for the countless blessings – no equipment failures, always some money in the bank, and a ton of opportunities to pursue in 2015.

Some people make “resolutions” for the New Year, but I prefer to set real, achievable goals that surpass previous years. Here are some of the goals I am looking forward to achieving this year for cp3o.


I have always been a fairly decent writer (and I cannot stress the word “decent” enough). Considering I offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, it would probably be a good idea to demonstrate the power of words, while utilizing some contextual and semantic magic.  Thus, my goal is to post a “decent” piece of content on this website at least once per calendar quarter.

The content’s subject matter will include news, reviews, tips / tricks, and other informational tidbits surrounding media, technology, and other general business topics that have a mass appeal.


Besides continuing to provide consultation and tech support to existing and prospective clients, I will be shifting much more heavily in 2015 on monthly recurring services.

I am in progress of revamping the s3o.it SEO services, now that I have tuned the internal processes to an efficient art. In a nutshell, I’ll optimize up to 10 search keys on Google and Bing for US$ 149.90, and then US$ 14.99 per search key after. I do NOT sub the work out – I have spent most of 2014 creating and testing a service that takes both human and automated elements to either increase my clients’ rankings, or to give critical recommendations on what needs to be done to their page content for the rankings to increase organically. I will also be entertaining a four-week trial of the SEO service (for one search key) for those who have interest. My goal is to have 300 very happy, recurrent SEO clients. Please contact me if you are interested (see “CONNECT” on every page of this site).

I have also just completed the internal testing of a service that automates networking on a major professional Social Media network. Let’s just say, the technology introduces me to a new person every 90 seconds; out of that, over 5 percent look at my profile, and ten percent of those end up engage with me somehow. I can tailor the introductions to a very broad, or very specific, target audience. And every time the automated technology initiates an introduction, I am internally collecting an extensive amount of data from the target. There are endless applications for this (hello politicians, sales people, and advertising agencies). I have nearly figured out the value for this service – contact me if you are interested (see “CONNECT” on every page of this site). My goal is to have 500 professionals who want to discover an easier, labor-free way to network.

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